Need for Speed The Run

The Need For Speed The Run PC patch brings tons of fixes and also a few more functionality things. This is the complete list of changes:

- 30 FPS cap will be disabled when v-sync is turned off

- gamepad support related bugs have been fixed

- when going off the road, players will be returned to the track instead to the last checkpoint

- Autolog HUD dissapearing bug fixed

- car images in challenge series have been updated

- quick match option added to multiplayer

- VOIP mute option added

- off-road colliding realistic improved in multiplayer

- fixed bug with playgroup member icon in the intermission screen

- new animation in intermission screen

- active objectives added to pre-race loading screen

- auto-cycling tabs functionality added to intermission screen

- countdown timers will flash orange for the last seconds

- displaying session rewards have been improved

- autolog gallery scroll bar fixed

- alignment of news list improved

- friends option in multiplayer improved

DOWNLOAD >>> (redirects to official website)